My Vision for City Council: Growing Together.

"I am committed to working tirelessly to create an inclusive Ottawa. I will create opportunities where we come together as residents, businesses, and communities to build a brighter future for all." #GrowingTogether


Uniting our Ward

Creating a unified voice for our Ward is instrumental in transforming our communities. One voice will enable us to bring about positive change within each of our communities and protect our values and beliefs.
Let me be your voice.

Bringing Safety to our Communities

Our communities are central to the City of Ottawa. With densification brings about higher traffic volumes and increases risk of theft and damage. We need to refocus the City's resources to College Ward and ensure they do their part in protecting our streets.
Let me help protect your neighbourhood.


Neighbourhoods and Nature
As neighbourhoods gentrify, new families are welcomed into your communities. Each resident deserves access to green space and access to local parks and recreation within walking distance.
Let me bring parks closer to you.

Accessible Transit

As the pandemic subsides and our lives begin to open up to the new normal, residents need affordable and accessible transit within College Ward. Inflation makes us reconsider our preferred mode of transportation.

Let me help you get you to your destination


Our ward includes more than just residents, it envelops businesses, schools, colleges, students, community facilities and more. This ward deserves tight collaboration with the city and our neighbours, working together to bring an affordable lifestyle to all.

Let me work to bring affordability into our Ward

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August 2022

Community Harvest


At the end of July, I had the opportunity and pleasure to further serve and give back our great City. I spent the day volunteering for the Community Harvest Program which grows and collects nutritious, local produce for the Ottawa Food Bank.



It was a rewarding, and inspiring experience to work alongside other volunteers and farmers to harvest onions, cucumbers, and beans that will be packaged and shipped to families in need. I encourage anyone looking to participate in a life-changing experience, to please reach out to me or the Ottawa Food Bank for more information.

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